Water Transfer Sticker


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Give Us Your Personal Designed LOGO or Labels

We Will Help You To Print Out The Best Quality Water Transfer Decal Sticker In All Kind of Colours, Excellent Scratch ResistanceGood Waterproof and Wine Soaking Performance!



1. Please send us your image AI file, telling us what's the size of your image that we need to judge by this to use the best size of water transfer paper to print out the decal.


2. Telling us what kind of effect and colour of decal in your requirements. 
1) About the effect, we can print out the decal in 3D, normal effect, embossing effect, water transfer, silkscreen/offset printing and directly printing.
2) About the colour, we can print out CMYK, glitter powder, fake gold and foil lamination, normal solvent ink.


3. What kind of Subjet would you like to print on? 
Different solvent or UV LED inks from us are suitable in using for different materials, we have the ink for Glass, Ceramic, Hard Plastic, Wood Ware, Helmet, Metal, Bicycle / Motorcycle Frame, Carbon Fiber, Paint Finished and other materials.


Pls pay attention, our ink is suitablt for low baking temperature under 200oc.


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